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Sarah Christensen

ACA Registered Therapist

I am a psychotherapist specialising in integrative psychotherapy. I approach each client individually by synthesising a range of models, theories and practices. My intention is to work with you to understand how your unique life experiences impact your relationship with yourself, others and the world. In my practice, I am influenced by attachment theory, development and psychodynamic theories, trauma theory and metacognitive theory. I seek to provide a supportive and non-judgmental space, recognising that the human experience is too complex to be approached without curiosity and openness. I endeavour to work collaboratively with you to explore and draw attention to the underlying processes that guide your behaviours and perceptions—exploring the past whilst interpreting the various manifestations occurring in the present. Through discussing with others the reasons behind our behaviours and perceptions, we can view what may be underlying them. It creates the potential for us to build more accurate representations of the world and ourselves.

  • If I do not have the specific training for the assistance you require, please reach out, and I may be able to recommend someone who would be good for you.

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